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what's the point of a PHD?
I am just about to finish my masters degree and I am in a dilemma now, as to should I proceed and do a PHD degree, or should I apply for a job and start working.
At university it looks as if all the lectures are doctors and they seem to earn less than say engineers that work for different companies and I am pretty sure that there are very few of those engineers who did a PHD.
I think your decision should nit be contingent on what anyone thinks. I would rather suggest that you weigh your passion, finance and goals. If it turns out that you will be better off as a class teacher (Lecturer) and you will be fulfilled, then it is good that this should be your priority. However, if how to meet your financial burdens cannot be met by enrolling for a PhD, and you think that field engineering task will pay off, then go for it. But, if you ask me, my response would be do what is in the best interest of you family and yourself. Maintain a balance........
(04-09-2014, 07:13 AM)SOS Wrote: I would rather suggest that you weigh your passion, finance and goals.

I agree - these are wise words - what is your goal?

If it is to teach at the university level then a PhD is important. If it is to enter the work force then a masters provides an excellent foundation by which to start your career
Thank's SOS, that's very enlightening. I believe I would not want to be a lecture but rather a field engineer and hence I will put my best effort to finish of my masters with flying colours.
Thanks again

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